Social Media Video Journeys & Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses



Business Strategist

I am going to support you in promoting and growing your business online. With more than 10 years of experience in business and marketing, I will help you create an effective and successful Marketing Strategy that will allow you to get customers into your Know, Like and Trust Funnel.

I’m also the founder of Finding Excellence, a Business Coaching and Training Company, dedicated to supporting and developing Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.

I’m ready and fully committed to your success!


Video Journeys and Social Media Guru

I am going to support you creating awesome videos that will let you tell your story and help your audience engage not only with you but with your purpose and business.

In addition to the above, as a young entrepreneur, I’ve learned my way through the different social media platforms and will assure that your business counts with the right strategy to reach, inspire, motivate and educate your target audience, and of course, to take action.

Are you ready to take your business off the ground?

What's in it for you?



Always Ready

We come to you! We are based in London and We are able to go hand in hand with you wherever your filming needs are.


We will create multi-purpose video contents in order to help you to promote your products, services or upcoming events. 


No matter if your mind is cloudy, we will give you support and advice along the process to give the right shape to your ideas and create an awesome video.



In less than 72h!

Do you have awesome shots that you would like to give good use? We will help you to make the most out of your footage creating for you an amazing video using all those shots you


We will add quick logo animation, dynamic transitions and background music, as well as doing our best to improve the quality of the colours and the audio.


As a result, you will receive a professional video that will allow you to thrive and promote your business online.


Loyal Customers

We are entrepreneurs and we know how difficult could be to start a new business, but especially the complexity of the process to let your potential audience know that you exist.


We are here to help you to achieve that goal. With you, we are going to create a whole video journey in which focusing on different topics, we are going to let your potential customers get to Know, Like and finally to Trust you. 



Quality is in the small details

Colours should be always equilibrated and harmonised to get the best quality in a video. We will do colour correction of your videos to make them look as shiny and colourful as possible.


The audio is also another important part of a video, It is as important as images are in a high-quality video. We offer an audio improvement service in which we will do our best to reduce noises and get the voice as clear as possible for your promotional videos.

Your Success is our goal!

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